Early Venture - Kid Tech

I'm currently sitting round a campfire, with the 3G Hotspot on and trying to think of something to blog about. I've decided to reflect on my first business.

In September 2013 in the first game of the football season, I tore my crucial ligament. This was really the worst thing that I could have happened.

This was killer news to me, and to makes things worse, I was told I was going to be out for twelve months. You can imagine how upset I was, considering I went from training fours times & playing three matches, to being told I wouldn't be able to do no sports at all.

While on my way back from my 3rd specialist meeting in November 2013, I had the discussion with my Dad about what I was going to do with this extra time I now had. We looked at everything I had an interest in, and came down to two things, Sports & Coding.

I had been Coding for two years now, in my local CoderDojo which I had be running for the past two years. I then came up with the idea of doing more one on one classes with young kids to concentrate on Coding, game development, design and more. 

When I started, I had a few things to sort out, and I didn't waste any time. I went home, designed a logo, setup Social Media pages and got myself business cards.

This was the start of my first business, Kid Tech.

In two weeks I had sold out my first course, with twenty five kids, split into four sessions. I managed to get my local project centre free of charge for ten weeks on a Saturday.

I got up every Saturday at 8am and finished at 6pm with classes the majority of the day. I employed my brother ( Who was 21 ) to sit in the room and do nothing all day because I had to have an adult because of child protection law, you could imagine how annoyed I was paying my brother to do nothing.

After a few months I was doing well. I featured in a few newspapers, and online publications. I received my first award also, Huffington Post, Young Entrepreneur of the Week, I was delighted.

Then things began to become interesting!

I then decided that this was no longer a way of earning money, and keeping myself occupied, I wanted to be a proper business person. I contacted a few big names, and one person got back to me.

She was, Norah Casey. Norah kindly replied to a Twitter reach out, and then asked me to be on her Newstalk slot to speak about Kid Tech. This was amazing, but I was so nervous. On my way to the interview I had drank two bottles of water, and then another bottle in the elevator. When we got to the studio, I was shaking. The funny thing was, I had nothing to be afraid of, I was being silly. Norah was so kind and really helped me through the interview, and I was so grateful, and still am.

This really was the changing point!

A few months passed and nothing really happened. I began tweeting more, and began meeting new people. I still continued with my courses, and stayed in touch with Norah Casey.

Then one day a friend of mine in the UK said he had contact details for Blackberry an Stephen Fry!

He sent them on, and I contacted them both. I heard back from Blackberry and they kindly agreed to send me devices for the kids to code, this was major. 

Then a week or so later I woke up to an email from a woman who was the personal assistant to, Stephen Fry!

This was crazy, I couldn't believe it. After exchanging a few emails with her, she spoke to Stephen, and he agreed to support Kid Tech!

And that was, Kid Tech!

A year went by, and I had featured on TV, radio and more. I had set a goal of teaching 600 kids, and achieved that goal. I got more businesses involved, and even spoke at events.

Kid Tech, was really the started everything, and really was an amazing few months for me that I will never forget. I had the opportunity to attend amazing events,and meet amazing people. 

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