People in STEM who inspire me!

The below are some of the people in STEM who really inspire me. All of them I have had the pleasure of dealing with in the past or even still do now! (Also some are just people I cheekily hopped in a picture with for different reasons)

Lets get started.....

Number 5.

Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain is someone who I think is a fantastic role model in general to all young people in STEM, but really is someone who personally really inspires me with all her fantastic work in STEM.

Number 4.

James Whelton, the founder of the CoderDojo. He played a huge part in inspiring me to get involved in STEM. I first learned to code in CoderDojo, and this was a huge moment in my life. Also around 2 years ago I emailed James and within days James replied and he really inspired me to start my own business.

Number 3.

Im giving number 3. to team Excited! These guys really care so much about STEM & Education, and really have helped me so much along the way, and truly are amazing!

Number 2. 

Number 2. has to go to one of the most amazing people I have ever met, Lord David Puttnam. He is truly one of the nicest people I have every had the pleasure of meeting. His passion for STEM is evident from the minute he starts to speak about it. He has been such an inspiration to myself over the past few months.

Number 1.

Top spot has to go to the truly amazing, Stephen Fry!

This man has played such a massive part in my inspiring me to pursue STEM!

When I started Kid Tech back in 2013, Stephen was one of the first people to support the company. This really made me believe that anything was possible. He has been kind enough to put Tweets out to his millions of followers many times, and has always tried to help whenever possible.

So thats my list of people who inspire me in STEM. This list could have included 100 + people but unfortunately I don't have time to make a list that long!

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