Technology & its affect on the Classroom

After watching the #WDDC15 online today and hearing the statistic that there currently 195,000 educational Apps on the Apple store currently, it has got me thinking about what we currently consider that normal classroom, and how I picture the future classroom looking.

The above is a picture of what most classrooms look at the moment. All students sitting behind a desk, taking note of what the teacher is saying and writing on his/her whiteboard.

This is the kind of classroom I spend most of my time in everyday.

However, I believe that our classrooms over the next 3 - 5 years will start to look less like the picture above and more like the picture below.

This is often scary the idea of getting rid of books and copies, and introducing iPads and other various devices.

However I don't see this just happening one day! I do think over time we will slowly move away from the idea of books, but not over night, not until we can assure that technology can do as good of a job, or even better then books.

I do think the minute we do move away from the books to the iPad, will be the minute that we educate our young people in a way we could have never dreamed.

Student will be able to go online and begin to think for themselves, and explore things further, rather than just accept the information given to them in the book or given to them by their teacher.

One day our classrooms will look like the above, and the day they do, will be the day when education changes forever!

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