What to expect from @Ireland this week!

This week I am lucky enough to tweeting from one of my favourite accounts on Twitter, @Ireland. 

I am so excited to be connecting with an audience of over 30k people for the week, and hopefully I impress. 

I've decided to do a shot post to give those people who will be following me for the week, an idea of what to expect. As many people know, I love Twitter, and social media in general, so I plan on being quite active for the week.

I'll start off every morning with a quick hello and let people know the plan for the day, and where that plan will be taking me. Once I get on the selected mode of transportation for the day, I will chat with those people who are tweeting away in the morning about what ever is happening in the world.

I will then keep everyone updated throughout the day with a few tweets, the odd selfie, and then hopefully at least once a day, a Periscope of where I am, and what I am doing.

Evening times is when it will start to become interesting, hopefully. I will start out by tweeting out a discussion point, and then have hopefully some really great discussions.

Then I will finish the day with a blog post!

So please make sure to tune in for the week, and follow @Ireland ! You can tweet me suggestions for discussions, or even just say Hello on @Ireland or the place I call home @TheHarryMcC