Thank You!

Yesterday my blog was shortlisted for the Irish Blog Awards 2015 in the Best Youth Blog category.

It is just amazing to be shortlisted for this award, and it really does me a lot. I have been only blogging for 4 months, and in this time the blog has had 10,000 + page views.

The blog was originally only there for me to remember all of the brilliant opportunities that have been coming my way, but that changed along the way. I really wanted to start using the blog to reach out those young people like me, and hope that those young people who are like me, and had the experiences as me, could take comfort in knowing that there is someone else out there just like them.

The simple fact is that we are all talented, and unique in our own way, and hopefully thanks to my blog, a few more people realise that.

So, Thank You to everyone who continues to check out my blog on a regular basis, and please keep doing so, and tweeting/sharing when you do.