Summer Internship: Accenture

I finished up in Accenture last Friday (21st) but I had quite a busy week, so I didn't have time to write about my experience.

I spent the just over 3 weeks in Accenture, and it really was a great few weeks. Everything about the place was just incredible, not just the work they do they do, but also things like Strawberry day and the amazing view.

I had the opportunity to learn from the best in the area, and really get stuck into some amazing work. It was really great to see the work Accenture does, and also get involved.

The extremely friendly and helpful team at Accenture made the experience even better, and just made it such a truly enjoyable place to spend my summer. Everyone took time to stop and explain to me what they were doing.

I really did have such a great time at Accenture, so a big Thank You to everyone at Accenture for having me.

Also a note to anyone look for a great place to work, there are places at Accenture, so check them out at the link below: