Day 1 - Successful People vs Unsuccessful People

The list below is something I came across over the weekend on Twitter, and it really made me start to think.

I decided to try something on the list everyday and see if picking up something from the successful list or stop doing something from the unsuccessful list makes me any more successful.

Which fist was the question?

So, I decided to see what I already do on the successful list:

- Keep a "to be" list
- Talk about ideas
- Accept responsibility for my failures
- Keep a Journal
- Compliment
- Wants others to succeed

After looking at the list I was quite happy that I could come back to the successful people list, and concentrate on what is on the unsuccessful list, and see if I could get rid of some of my so called "Bad Habbits"

Anyone who knows me knows that I a big fan of watching TV in the evening time, and it something thats on the list.

Honestly after my day, I decided that me sitting in front of the TV with my laptop working away isn't going to make me less successful than anyone else. I have a hard enough day, and like everyone else, I like to watch TV.

I go to school from 9am-3:45pm , then come home and do work from 3:45pm-4:45pm, then going for a run from 5:00pm - 5:25pm and then finishing off with homework till 6:30pm.

The thing is that watching TV for a few hours in the evening won't make that much of a difference, and thats the same for most people. If you spend your day like me quite busy, then you deserve to just sit down.

So, my verdict on todays trait - NOT TRUE