InspireFest Day 1

I'm going to keep this really short for the very reason that I have to be up in less that 5 hrs.

Today was an extremely busy, but very enjoyable day also.

I had the pleasure of starting off the morning with a report launch with Breakfast in their office. Im going to be honest, technology and free food always is a good sign its a good event.

Then headed over to start of the amazing InspireFest 2015!

As always I had the pleasure of bumping into some pretty familiar company, and decided that it would be only great to take a selfie.

Then when the selfies were finished, I went inside to listen to some truly amazing speakers.

At around lunch time, I hopped into a taxi and straight to RTE Digital to meet the amazing Caroline Stephens to discuss the DYC, and also to say hello to the brilliant, Muirne Laffan ( My virtual boss, because I am virtually a part of RTE Digital Team ).

Cheeky selfie time again....

Then back into a taxi to make it back just in time for lunch were I had the pleasure of bumping into the hands down coolest group of people!

Cheeky selfie time.....

I then headed back inside to listen to another round of truly amazing speakers for the rest of the afternoon.

So a recap of the day .....

I took scary amount of selfies! Thats it really!

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