The Digital Youth Council

I'd like to introduce you to the 'Digital Youth Council'.

The Digital Youth Council was founded by myself with the help of Ciaran Cannon, TD, and the Director of the Galway Education Centre, Bernard Kirk. It is the first of its kind in the world. The aim of the council is to give young people a voice in STEM in Ireland, and promote STEM to young people.

The council originally started out as a group of 12 young people. We selected these young people because we felt that they were some of the top young people in STEM in Ireland, and we were right. Our group was made up of Google Science Fair winners, BT Young scientist winners and more.

We have expanded this year to a group of 14, and once again we have a truly fantastically talented group.

We work alongside our great supporters like Silicon Republic, Twitter and more to do what we can to represent the young people properly.

The idea of the Digital Youth Council came from Excited in Dublin Castle in May 2014, when I attended the Friday of the event when the organisers spoke to young people to gather their views on STEM in Education.

The thing is I seen how this day went, and decided that we cant just pick and choose when listen to our young people, we need to be constantly giving them the opportunity to be listened to and represented. 

STEM will play a huge part in our future, we need to give our young people to help shape it.

Check us out on: and follow us on Twitter: @DYCIRL