Transition Year Ireland - Ambassador

Since this blog is only new, I'm going to spend the next few weeks posting blog posts about not just things that are happening, but also things that have happened already, and also general advice from experiences. This will hopefully give those people who don't know me an idea of who I am.

This year I was kindly offered the position of 'Transition Year Ireland Ambassador' by Transition Year Ireland, which I more than happily accepted.

This meant I had and still do have the opportunity to promote transition year to all Irish students, and show them what a truly amazing year it can be if they take full advantage of all their school has to offer to them for the year, and also that the school don't offer .

What I mean by that is......

That simply, each individual school basically designs their own TY year they way they feel best. This often means that some schools put in a huge amount of effort into organising the year and the students have so many competitions, courses etc. to choose from, and then some often don't organise the year properly so their students just waste the valuable year that is TY!

So if your school offers a great year than thats perfect you've got a good year ahead, but what if they don't....

Well the simple fact is you have two choices:

1) Relax for the rest of the year and spend 8 hours or so in school doing absolutely nothing and then at the end of the year ask yourself why you just done that when you could have went straight to 5th year!

2)  Make TY a year you will never forget because you spent it doing something that you wanted to do with your time, that made a difference, changed your life or even just meant you had a fun year.

I recommend number 2! ....

The fact is my school offered a good transition year but just not good enough that!

I spent the whole year working on what I love the most 'STEM', and the simple fact is that it was truly the best year of my life so far. I visited some of the most amazing places, met some incredible people and just had a incredible amount of fun along the way.

The case was I knew what I wanted to do and I took advantage of the year, by simply planning it out and getting it into my head that I had the opportunity to have a great year.

At the end of the day you have to make your decision, and no matter what I say, its your decision how you spend the year.

BUT ....  I can tell you that your TY year has the opportunity to be amazing if you want it to be and if your truly willing to try. 

If anyone wants to get advice on TY or ideas for your year, head to or even drop me a tweet at @TheHarryMcC

Also see you at TY Expo 2015!