Student Slingshot Academy

Earlier this year I had the fantastic opportunity to take up a position on the team of a great startup, Student Slingshot Academy.

Student Slingshot Academy is a initiative that aims to change the way secondary school students think about their future education and career prospects. It was founded by the fantastic Patrick Guiney and his great team.

Slingshot Academy gives transition year pupils the chance to meet with and learn from those studying at third level — giving them insights into specialist areas such as medicine, law, journalism, finance, language, and art.

I was delighted to accept the position ' Head of TY Recruitment ' for the year. It has given me the opportunity to work alongside an extremely talented team of third level students, and learn so much.

I said it at the start of the year when accepting the position that ..

It is so important for students to take their futures into their own hands and not just wait for the education system to take them along. Students need to  become more proactive, they need to go out and look at what is on offer to them and I feel Student Slingshot is the perfect opportunity for any student to start.

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